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Doignon, C.[Christophe] Co Author Listing * Design of a Monochromatic Pattern for a Robust Structured Light Coding
* Detection of Noncircularity and Eccentricity of a Rolling Winder by Artificial Vision
* Ellipse Fitting and Three-Dimensional Localization of Objects Based on Elliptic Features
* fast and automatic stereotactic registration with a single CT-slice, A
* Live Tracking and Dense Reconstruction for Handheld Monocular Endoscopy
* ORBSLAM-Based Endoscope Tracking and 3D Reconstruction
* pattern framework driven by the Hamming distance for structured light-based reconstruction with a single image, A
* Pose Reconstruction with an Uncalibrated Computed Tomography Imaging Device
* Real-time segmentation of surgical instruments inside the abdominal cavity using a joint hue saturation color feature
* Real-time structured light coding for adaptive patterns
* Robust Structured Light Coding for 3D Reconstruction
* Segmentation and Guidance of Multiple Rigid Objects for Intra-operative Endoscopic Vision
* Simulation of the Abdominal Wall and Its Arteries after Pneumoperitoneum for Guidance of Port Positioning in Laparoscopic Surgery
* structured light vision system for out-of-plane vibration frequencies location of a moving web, A
* Using Shading to Register an Intraoperative CT Scan to a Laparoscopic Image
Includes: Doignon, C.[Christophe] Doignon, C.
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Doignon, P.[Philippe] Co Author Listing * Control of In-vehicle Systems by Gestures

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