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Dhiman, A.[Ankit] Co Author Listing * DeepDNet: Deep Dense Network for Depth Completion Task
* Pothole Detection Using Computer Vision and Learning
* Road surface distress detection in disparity space
Includes: Dhiman, A.[Ankit] Dhiman, A.

Dhiman, C.[Chhavi] Co Author Listing * unified model for human activity recognition using spatial distribution of gradients and difference of Gaussian kernel, A
* View-Invariant Deep Architecture for Human Action Recognition Using Two-Stream Motion and Shape Temporal Dynamics
Includes: Dhiman, C.[Chhavi] Dhiman, C.

Dhiman, G.[Gaurav] Co Author Listing * Fuzzy-LP Approach in Time Series Forecasting, A

Dhiman, P.[Pankaj] Co Author Listing * Improved traffic sign recognition algorithm based on YOLOv4-tiny

Dhiman, V.[Vikas] Co Author Listing * Continuous Occlusion Model for Road Scene Understanding, A
* Learning Compositional Sparse Bimodal Models

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