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Dart, E.[Eli] Co Author Listing * TECA: Petascale Pattern Recognition for Climate Science

Dartigalongue, T. Co Author Listing * ICARE-VEG: A 3D physics-based atmospheric correction method for tree shadows in urban areas

Dartigues Pallez, C. Co Author Listing * Human action recognition based on 3D skeleton part-based pose estimation and temporal multi-resolution analysis
Includes: Dartigues Pallez, C. Dartigues-Pallez, C.

Dartigues, J.F.[Jean Francois] Co Author Listing * Human Daily Activities Indexing in Videos from Wearable Cameras for Monitoring of Patients with Dementia Diseases
* Strategies for multiple feature fusion with Hierarchical HMM: Application to activity recognition from wearable audiovisual sensors
Includes: Dartigues, J.F.[Jean Francois] Dartigues, J.F.[Jean-Francois]

Dartmann, G. Co Author Listing * Likelihood-Based Adaptive Learning in Stochastic State-Based Models

Dartnell, L.R. Co Author Listing * Fluorescent Analysis of Photosynthetic Microbes and Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons Linked To Optical Remote Sensing

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