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Cuzzolin, F.[Fabio] Co Author Listing * 3D Activity Recognition Using Motion History and Binary Shape Templates
* Action modeling with volumetric data
* Active Incremental Recognition of Human Activities in a Streaming Context
* AMTnet: Action-Micro-Tube Regression by End-to-end Trainable Deep Architecture
* Articulated Shape Matching by Robust Alignment of Embedded Representations
* Articulated shape matching using Laplacian eigenfunctions and unsupervised point registration
* Articulated Shape Matching Using Locally Linear Embedding and Orthogonal Alignment
* Avalanche: an End-to-End Library for Continual Learning
* Coherent Laplacian 3-D protrusion segmentation
* Deep Learning for Detecting Multiple Space-Time Action Tubes in Videos
* End-to-End Video Captioning
* Geometry of Dempster's Rule of Combination
* Learning Discriminative Space-Time Action Parts from Weakly Labelled Videos
* Learning discriminative space-time actions from weakly labelled videos
* Learning Pullback HMM Distances
* Learning Pullback metrics for linear models
* Multi-weather city: Adverse weather stacking for autonomous driving
* Online Action Recognition via Nonparametric Incremental Learning
* Online Real-Time Multiple Spatiotemporal Action Localisation and Prediction
* Predicting Action Tubes
* Recurrent Convolutions for Causal 3D CNNs
* ROAD: The Road Event Awareness Dataset for Autonomous Driving
* Robust Spectral 3D-Bodypart Segmentation Along Time
* Robust Temporally Coherent Laplacian Protrusion Segmentation of 3D Articulated Bodies
* TraMNet: Transition Matrix Network for Efficient Action Tube Proposals
* Two New Bayesian Approximations of Belief Functions Based on Convex Geometry
* Using Bilinear Models for View-invariant Action and Identity Recognition
* Using Hidden Markov Models and Dynamic Size Functions for Gesture Recognition
* Video-based Crowd Counting Using a Multi-scale Optical Flow Pyramid Network
Includes: Cuzzolin, F.[Fabio] Cuzzolin, F.
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Cuzzucoli, A.[Alice] Co Author Listing * Forecasting PM10 Levels Using Machine Learning Models in the Arctic: A Comparative Study

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