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Couade, M. Co Author Listing * In Vivo Quantitative Mapping of Myocardial Stiffening and Transmural Anisotropy During the Cardiac Cycle
* Mapping Myocardial Fiber Orientation Using Echocardiography-Based Shear Wave Imaging

Couairon, G.[Guillaume] Co Author Listing * DyTox: Transformers for Continual Learning with DYnamic TOken eXpansion
* Embedding Arithmetic of Multimodal Queries for Image Retrieval
* FLAVA: A Foundational Language And Vision Alignment Model
* FlexIT: Towards Flexible Semantic Image Translation
* Transformer Decoders with Multi-Modal Regularization for Cross-Modal Food Retrieval

Couasnet, G.[Geoffroy] Co Author Listing * Machine learning meets distinctness in variety testing

Couasnon, B.[Bertrand] Co Author Listing * Access by Content to Handwritten Archive Documents: Generic Document Recognition Method and Platform for Annotations
* Automatic and interactive rule inference without ground truth
* combined strategy of analysis for the localization of heterogeneous form fields in ancient pre-printed records, A
* Contribution of Multiresolution Description for Archive Document Structure Recognition
* DMOS, a generic document recognition method: application to table structure analysis in a general and in a specific way
* DMOS: a generic document recognition method, application to an automatic generator of musical scores, mathematical formulae and table structures recognition systems
* Exploiting Collection Level for Improving Assisted Handwritten Word Transcription of Historical Documents
* Eyes Wide Open: An interactive learning method for the design of rule-based systems
* Fusion of Statistical and Structural Information for Flowchart Recognition
* generic recognition system for making archives documents accessible to public, A
* Handwritten Word Verification by SVM-Based Hypotheses Re-scoring and Multiple Thresholds Rejection
* Iterative Analysis of Pages in Document Collections for Efficient User Interaction
* Making handwritten archives documents accessible to public with a generic system of document image analysis
* Multiresolution cooperation makes easier document structure recognition
* Novel Verification System for Handwritten Words Recognition, A
* Perceptive Vision for Headline Localisation in Bangla Handwritten Text Recognition
* real-world evaluation of a generic document recognition method applied to a military form of the 19th century, A
* SCAF: Skip-Connections in Auto-encoder for Face Alignment with Few Annotated Data
* What can we learn from the processing of 165,000 forms from the 19th century?
Includes: Couasnon, B.[Bertrand] CoŘasnon, B.[Bertrand] (Maybe also Coueasnon, B.)Couasnon, B.
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