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Cool, D. Co Author Listing * Automatic Radiofrequency Ablation Planning for Liver Tumors With Multiple Constraints Based on Set Covering

Cool, D.W. Co Author Listing * Robust 2-D-3-D Registration Optimization for Motion Compensation During 3-D TRUS-Guided Biopsy Using Learned Prostate Motion Data

Coolbaugh, C. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Clutter Demodulation for Non-Contrast Ultrasound Perfusion Imaging

Coolen, B.F.[Bram F.] Co Author Listing * Non-rigid Groupwise Image Registration for Motion Compensation in Quantitative MRI

Coolen, J.[Joris] Co Author Listing * Investigating the Norse Harbour of Igaliku (Southern Greenland) Using an Integrated System of Side-Scan Sonar and High-Resolution Reflection Seismics

Cooley, J.W. Co Author Listing * subspace tracking algorithm using the fast Fourier transform, A

Cooley, S.W.[Sarah W.] Co Author Listing * High-Resolution Airborne Color-Infrared Camera Water Mask for the NASA ABoVE Campaign, A
* Tracking Dynamic Northern Surface Water Changes with High-Frequency Planet CubeSat Imagery

Cooley, T. Co Author Listing * Detection Algorithms in Hyperspectral Imaging Systems: An Overview of Practical Algorithms
* Performance evaluation of cluster-based hyperspectral target detection algorithms

Cools, R. Co Author Listing * Potato monitoring in Belgium with WatchITGrow

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