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Coimbra, A. Co Author Listing * Statistical Framework for Optimal Design Matrix Generation With Application to fMRI, A

Coimbra, M.[Miguel] Co Author Listing * Automatic Annotation of Leishmania Infections in Fluorescence Microscopy Images
* Identifying cancer regions in vital-stained magnification endoscopy images using adapted color histograms
* Identifying Potentially Cancerous Tissues in Chromoendoscopy Images
Includes: Coimbra, M.[Miguel] Coimbra, M.

Coimbra, M.T. Co Author Listing * Approximating Optical Flow Within the MPEG-2 Compressed Domain
* Automated Topographic Segmentation and Transit Time Estimation in Endoscopic Capsule Exams
* Combining general multi-class and specific two-class classifiers for improved customized ECG heartbeat classification
* DFT based rotation and scale invariant Gabor texture descriptor and its application to gastroenterology, A
* MPEG-7 Visual Descriptors: Contributions for Automated Feature Extraction in Capsule Endoscopy
Includes: Coimbra, M.T. Coimbra, M.T.[Miguel Tavares]

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