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Coete, G. Co Author Listing * H.263+: Video Coding at Low Bit Rates

Coetzee, F.[Frans] Co Author Listing * Error Analysis of Background Adaption
* Topology Free Hidden Markov Models: Application to Background Modeling

Coetzee, F.M.[Frans M.] Co Author Listing * Correcting the Kullback-Leibler distance for feature selection

Coetzee, L.[Louis] Co Author Listing * Fingerprint Recognition in Low Quality Images

Coetzee, S. Co Author Listing * Cloud-based Integration and Standardization of Address Data For Disaster Management - A South African Case Study
* Contributor-Focused Intrinsic Quality Assessment of OpenStreetMap in Mozambique Using Unsupervised Machine Learning, A
* Development and evaluation of a specialized task taxonomy for spatial planning: A map literacy experiment with topographic maps
* Educational Material Development on Mobile Spatial Data Collection Using Open Source Geospatial Technologies
* Employing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Techniques for Improving the Discovery of Geospatial Resources on the Web
* Exploratory User Study To Evaluate The Effect Of Street Name Changes On Route Planning Using 2d Maps
* Framework for Visual Analytics of Spatio-Temporal Sensor Observations from Data Streams, A
* Geographic Information Metadata: An Outlook from the International Standardization Perspective
* Investigating The Use Of 3d Geovisualizations For Urban Design In Informal Settlement Upgrading In South Africa
* Monitoring SDG 9 with Global Open Data and Open Software - a Case Study From Rural Tanzania
* Open Geospatial Software and Data: A Review of the Current State and A Perspective into the Future
* Reference model for a data grid approach to address data in a dynamic SDI
* Results of an Evaluation of the Orchestration Capabilities of the Zoo Project and the 52 North Framework for an Intelligent Geoportal
* Towards Establishing An Open Catalogue for Geospatial Educational Resources
* Towards SDG 4: Trade-offs for Geospatial Open Educational Resources
* Using and Improving Mapathon Data Through Hackathons
* Visualizing Life In An Informal Settlement of South Africa Using Web Maps and Story Maps
Includes: Coetzee, S. Coetzee, S.[Serena]
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Coetzer, H. Co Author Listing * Human-Centric Off-Line Signature Verification System, A

Coetzer, J.[Johannes] Co Author Listing * Off-line Signature Verification Using Flexible Grid Features and Classifier Fusion
* robust dissimilarity representation for writer-independent signature modelling, A
* Writer-Specific Dissimilarity Normalisation for Improved Writer-Independent Off-Line Signature Verification
Includes: Coetzer, J.[Johannes] Coetzer, J.

Coetzer, R.C. Co Author Listing * Development of a robust active infrared-based eye tracker

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