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Cigla, C.[Cevahir] Co Author Listing * Convexity constrained efficient superpixel and supervoxel extraction
* Depth Assisted Object Segmentation in Multi-View Video
* Efficient edge-preserving stereo matching
* Efficient graph-based image segmentation via speeded-up turbo pixels
* efficient recursive edge-aware filter, An
* Free-View Watermarking for Free-View Television
* Gaussian Mixture Models for Temporal Depth Fusion
* GPU Based Video Object Tracking on PTZ Cameras
* Image-Based Visual Perception and Representation for Collision Avoidance
* Information permeability for stereo matching
* LASP: Local adaptive super-pixels
* Onboard Stereo Vision for Drone Pursuit or Sense and Avoid
* Recursive edge-aware filters for stereo matching
* Region-Based Dense Depth Extraction from Multi-View Video
* Region-based image segmentation via graph cuts
* Segment-Based Stereo-Matching Via Plane and Angle Sweeping
* Segmentation in multi-view video via color, depth and motion cues
* Sompt22: A Surveillance Oriented Multi-pedestrian Tracking Dataset
* Sparse recursive filtering for O(1) stereo matching
* Temporally consistent dense depth map estimation via Belief Propagation
* Watermarking for Image Based Rendering via homography-based virtual camera location estimation
* Watermarking of Free-view Video
Includes: Cigla, C.[Cevahir] Çigla, C.[Cevahir] Cigla, C.
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Ciglic, R.[Rok] Co Author Listing * Impact of Digital Elevation Model Preprocessing and Detection Methods on Karst Depression Mapping in Densely Forested Dinaric Mountains, The

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