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Cielniak, G.[Grzegorz] Co Author Listing * Active Learning for Crop-Weed Discrimination by Image Classification from Convolutional Neural Network's Feature Pyramid Levels
* Boosting minimalist classifiers for blemish detection in potatoes
* Key Point-based Orientation Estimation of Strawberries for Robotic Fruit Picking
* Minimalist AdaBoost for Blemish Identification in Potatoes
* Non-destructive Soft Fruit Mass and Volume Estimation for Phenotyping in Horticulture
* Robust Counting of Soft Fruit Through Occlusions with Re-identification
* Segmentation and detection from organised 3D point clouds: A case study in broccoli head detection
* Utilizing Learned Motion Patterns to Robustly Track Persons
* Vision-based Monitoring of the Short-term Dynamic Behaviour of Plants for Automated Phenotyping
Includes: Cielniak, G.[Grzegorz] Cielniak, G.
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Cielo, P.[Paolo] Co Author Listing * Method and apparatus for monitoring the surface profile of a moving workpiece

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