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Camgoz, N.C.[Necati Cihan] Co Author Listing * Anonysign: Novel Human Appearance Synthesis for Sign Language Video Anonymisation
* Content4All Open Research Sign Language Translation Datasets
* Continuous 3D Multi-Channel Sign Language Production via Progressive Transformers and Mixture Density Networks
* Evaluating the Immediate Applicability of Pose Estimation for Sign Language Recognition
* Facial Landmark Localization in Depth Images Using Supervised Ridge Descent
* Gated Variational AutoEncoders: Incorporating Weak Supervision to Encourage Disentanglement
* Gesture Recognition Using Template Based Random Forest Classifiers
* Looking for the Signs: Identifying Isolated Sign Instances in Continuous Video Footage
* Mixed SIGNals: Sign Language Production via a Mixture of Motion Primitives
* Neural Sign Language Translation
* Particle Filter Based Probabilistic Forced Alignment for Continuous Gesture Recognition
* Progressive Transformers for End-to-end Sign Language Production
* Shadow-Mapping for Unsupervised Neural Causal Discovery
* Sign Language Recognition for Assisting the Deaf in Hospitals
* Signing at Scale: Learning to Co-Articulate Signs for Large-Scale Photo-Realistic Sign Language Production
* Skeletor: Skeletal Transformers for Robust Body-Pose Estimation
* SubUNets: End-to-End Hand Shape and Continuous Sign Language Recognition
* Text2Sign: Towards Sign Language Production Using Neural Machine Translation and Generative Adversarial Networks
* Using Convolutional 3D Neural Networks for User-independent continuous gesture recognition
* VDSM: Unsupervised Video Disentanglement with State-Space Modeling and Deep Mixtures of Experts
* Weakly Supervised Learning with Multi-Stream CNN-LSTM-HMMs to Discover Sequential Parallelism in Sign Language Videos
Includes: Camgoz, N.C.[Necati Cihan] Camg÷z, N.C.[Necati Cihan] (Maybe also Camgoez, N.C.)Camgoz, N.C.
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