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Biffi, B.[Benedetta] Co Author Listing * Strengths and Pitfalls of Whole-Heart Atlas-Based Segmentation in Congenital Heart Disease Patients

Biffi, C. Co Author Listing * Automatic 3D Bi-Ventricular Segmentation of Cardiac Images by a Shape-Refined Multi- Task Deep Learning Approach
* Explainable Anatomical Shape Analysis Through Deep Hierarchical Generative Models
* Many-shot from Low-shot: Learning to Annotate Using Mixed Supervision for Object Detection
* Self-Supervised Learning for Few-Shot Medical Image Segmentation
* Self-supervision with Superpixels: Training Few-shot Medical Image Segmentation Without Annotation
Includes: Biffi, C. Biffi, C.[Carlo]

Biffi, L.J.[Leonardo Josoe] Co Author Listing * ATSS Deep Learning-Based Approach to Detect Apple Fruits
* Benefits of Combining ALOS/PALSAR-2 and Sentinel-2A Data in the Classification of Land Cover Classes in the Santa Catarina Southern Plateau
Includes: Biffi, L.J.[Leonardo Josoe] Biffi, L.J.[Leonardo Josoé]

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