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Bibentyo, T.M.[Toussaint Mugaruka] Co Author Listing * Multi-Temporal DInSAR to Characterise Landslide Ground Deformations in a Tropical Urban Environment: Focus on Bukavu (DR Congo)

Biber, J.[Jurgen] Co Author Listing * Recognition of Obstacles on Structured 3D Background
Includes: Biber, J.[Jurgen] Biber, J.[Jürgen]

Biber, K.[Kivanc] Co Author Listing * Application of multispectral LiDAR to automated virtual outcrop geology

Biber, M.[Maximilian] Co Author Listing * Joint prediction of monocular depth and structure using planar and parallax geometry

Biber, P.[Peter] Co Author Listing * 3D Modeling of Indoor Environments for a Robotic Security Guard
* 3D Surveillance A Distributed Network of Smart Cameras for Real-Time Tracking and its Visualization in 3D
* 3DTV: Panoramic 3D Model Acquisition and its 3D Visualization on the Interactive Fogscreen
* Graph Cut based Panoramic 3D Modeling and Ground Truth Comparison with a Mobile Platform: The Wagele
* Plant classification system for crop /weed discrimination without segmentation
* Probabilistic Framework for Robust and Accurate Matching of Point Clouds, A
* Robinia pseudoacacia L. Flower Analyzed by Using An Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV)
Includes: Biber, P.[Peter] Biber, P.
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