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Azman, A.[Azreen] Co Author Listing * BoVW Model for Animal Recognition: An Evaluation on SIFT Feature Strategies

Azman, A.W. Co Author Listing * Automated Face Recognition System for Intelligence Surveillance: Smart Camera Recognizing Faces in the Crowd, An
* Exploiting Bayesian Belief Network for Adaptive IP-Reuse Decision
* Square Patch Feature: Faster weak-classifier for robust object detection

Azman, F.N.[Farah Nadia] Co Author Listing * Digital Storytelling Tool for Education: An Analysis of Comic Authoring Environments

Azman, M.N.S.[M.N. Sharul] Co Author Listing * Multi-tiered S-SOA, Parameter-Driven New Islamic Syariah Products of Holistic Islamic Banking System (HiCORE): Virtual Banking Environment

Azman, N.B. Co Author Listing * overview of Multimodal Sentiment Analysis research: Opportunities and Difficulties, An

Azmat, S.[Shoaib] Co Author Listing * Automatic measurement of anthropometric dimensions using frontal and lateral silhouettes
* K-Means Based Multiple Objects Tracking with Long-Term Occlusion Handling
* Multilayer background modeling under occlusions
* Spatio-temporal multimodal mean
* Temporal multi-modal mean

Azmat, Z.[Zeeshan] Co Author Listing * Design and Development of an Image Processing Based Adaptive Traffic Control System with GSM Interface

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