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Atsumi, E. Co Author Listing * Lossy/lossless region-of-interest image coding based on set partitioning in hierarchical trees

Atsumi, M.[Masayasu] Co Author Listing * Attention-Based Segmentation on an Image Pyramid Sequence
* Object Categorization in Context Based on Probabilistic Learning of Classification Tree with Boosted Features and Co-occurrence Structure
* Probabilistic Learning of Visual Object Composition from Attended Segments
* Probabilistic Model of Visual Attention and Perceptual Organization for Constructive Object Recognition, A

Atsuta, K. Co Author Listing * Model of Human Estimation of 3D Shape from Shading Information Using Zero Crossings, A
* New Method of Estimating Shape from Shading by Using a Constraint at Zero-Crossings of Image Brightness, A
* robust road profile estimation method for low texture stereo images, A
* Shape and Source from Shading Using Zero Crossings
* Structure analysis of handwriting using opposing relations
* Theory of Image Restoration for Linear Spatial Degradation Using Multiresolution Analysis, A
Includes: Atsuta, K. Atsuta, K.[Kiyoaki]

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