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Asta, S.G.W.[Septian Galih Widhi] Co Author Listing * Assessment of Sentinel-2A multispectral image for benthic habitat composition mapping

Astafyeva, E.[Elvira] Co Author Listing * Ionospheric Disturbances Observed Following the Ridgecrest Earthquake of 4 July 2019 in California, USA

Astaiza, J.H.[Johanna Hurtado] Co Author Listing * Topography and Three-Dimensional Structure Can Estimate Tree Diversity along a Tropical Elevational Gradient in Costa Rica

Astaraki, M. Co Author Listing * Robust Facial Expression Recognition for MuCI: A Comprehensive Neuromuscular Signal Analysis

Astari, A.J.[Annisa Joviani] Co Author Listing * LiDAR and UAV SfM-MVS of Merapi Volcanic Dome and Crater Rim Change from 2012 to 2014

Astarita, T.[Tommaso] Co Author Listing * Perspective Camera Model With Refraction Correction for Optical Velocimetry Measurements in Complex Geometries

Astarita, V.[Vittorio] Co Author Listing * Bluetooth portal-based system to measure the performance of building emergency evacuation plans and drills

Astarloa, A.[Armando] Co Author Listing * Neuro semantic thresholding using OCR software for high precision OCR applications

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