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Aso, H.[Hirotomo] Co Author Listing * Algorithm for Constructing a Multi-Template Dictionary for Character Recognition Considering Distribution of Feature Vectors, An
* Algorithm for Estimating Mixture Distribution of High Dimensional Vectors and its Application to Character Recognition, An
* Algorithm for Reducing Text Line Candidates of Incorrect Orientation, An
* Approximation Method of the Quadratic Discriminant Function and Its Application to Estimation of High-Dimensional Distribution, An
* Binary tree-based precision-keeping clustering for very fast Japanese character recognition
* Character Pattern Extraction Based on Local Multilevel Thresholding and Region Growing
* Character pattern extraction from colorful documents with complex backgrounds
* Character pattern extraction from documents with complex backgrounds
* Decorative Character Recognition by Graph Matching
* discriminant function considering normality improvement of the distribution, A
* Discriminant Function for Noisy Pattern Recognition, A
* Extracting Curved Text Lines Using Local Linearity of Text Line
* Fast visual search using simplified pruning rules: Streamlined Active Search
* Framework for Detecting and Selecting Text Line Candidates of Correct Orientation, A
* Handwritten Character Recognition System Using Directional Element Feature and Asymmetric Mahalanobis Distance
* Intelligent Character Recognition System with High Accuracy and High Speed by Integrating Image-Type and Logical-Type Information Processings, An
* Isolated character recognition by searching feature points
* Modification of Eigenvalues to Compensate Estimation Errors of Eigenvectors, A
* Noise-Adaptive Discriminant Function and Its Application to Blurred Machine Printed Kanji Recognition, A
* Precise estimation of high-dimensional distribution and its application to face recognition
* Precise Hand-printed Character Recognition Using Elastic Models Via Nonlinear Transformation
* Precise Recognition of Blurred Chinese Characters by Considering Change in Distribution
* Representation of Iterative Patterns
* Screen Pattern Removal for Character Pattern Extraction from High-Resolution Color Document Images
* Segmenting Shape Using Deformation Information
* Structure Extraction from Decorated Characters Using Multiscale Images
* Structure Extraction from Various Kinds of Decorated Characters Using Multi-scale Images
* Two-stage Computational Cost Reduction Algorithm Based on Mahalanobis Distance Approximations
Includes: Aso, H.[Hirotomo] Aso, H.
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Aso, T.[Takashi] Co Author Listing * Color Quantization Based on Vector Error Diffusion and Particle Swarm Optimization Considering Human Visibility, A
* Hierarchal Predefined Codebook for High-Frequency Component Augmentation Image Enlargement
* Sharpness preserving image enlargement by using self-decomposed codebook and Mahalanobis distance

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