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Asmu▀, T.[Tina] Co Author Listing * On the Potential of Sentinel-1 for High Resolution Monitoring of Water Table Dynamics in Grasslands on Organic Soils

Asmundsson, F.H.[Friirik Heiiar] Co Author Listing * NV-Tree: An Efficient Disk-Based Index for Approximate Search in Very Large High-Dimensional Collections
Includes: Asmundsson, F.H.[Friirik Heiiar] ┴smundsson, F.H.[Fri­rik Hei­ar]

Asmundsson, M. Co Author Listing * Computer Vision in Food Handling and Sorting

Asmuni, H.[Hishammuddin] Co Author Listing * Feature extraction for different distances of visible reflection iris using multiscale sparse representation of local Radon transform
* improved multiscale retinex algorithm for motion-blurred iris images to minimize the intra-individual variations, An

Asmuth, C.A.[Charles A.] Co Author Listing * Invariants, Indexing, and Single View Recognition

Asmuth, J.[Jane] Co Author Listing * Mosaicing and enhancement of images for ophthalmic diagnosis and documentation

Asmuth, J.C.[Jane Circle] Co Author Listing * Automated, non-invasive iris recognition system and method
* Geospatial Registration
* Machine-Vision System for Iris Recognition, A
* Multi-View 3D Estimation and Applications to Match Move
* Multimedia Applications of Computer Vision
* Registration of Video to Geo-Referenced Imagery
* system for automated iris recognition, A
* Validation of an optical flow method for tag displacement estimation
Includes: Asmuth, J.C.[Jane Circle] Asmuth, J.C.[Jane C.] Asmuth, J.C.
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