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Anitei, D.[Dan] Co Author Listing * Discriminative Learning of Two-Dimensional Probabilistic Context-Free Grammars for Mathematical Expression Recognition and Retrieval

Anitescu, M. Co Author Listing * Optimal Bandwidth for Multitaper Spectrum Estimation

Anitha, C. Co Author Listing * GEVE: A generative adversarial network for extremely dark image/video enhancement

Anitha, H. Co Author Listing * Classification of gait signals into different neurodegenerative diseases using statistical analysis and recurrence quantification analysis

Anitha, J. Co Author Listing * Fast and accurate fuzzy C-means algorithm for MR brain image segmentation
* hierarchical algorithm with fast convergence spiral search pattern for block matching in motion estimation, A
* hybrid contextual compression technique using wavelet and contourlet transforms with PSO optimized prediction, A
* wavelet based morphological mass detection and classification in mammograms, A

Anitha, R. Co Author Listing * Development of computer-aided approach for brain tumor detection using random forest classifier
* Malware detection by pruning of parallel ensembles using harmony search
* Segmentation of glioma tumors using convolutional neural networks

Anitha, T.G. Co Author Listing * Novel algorithms for 2-D FFT and its inverse for image compression

Anitha, V. Co Author Listing * Brain tumour classification using two-tier classifier with adaptive segmentation technique

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