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Amri, E.[Emna] Co Author Listing * Offshore Oil Slick Detection: From Photo-Interpreter to Explainable Multi-Modal Deep Learning Models Using SAR Images and Contextual Data
* SAR Imagery for Detecting Sea Surface Slicks: Performance Assessment of Polarization-Dependent Parameters
Includes: Amri, E.[Emna] Amri, E.

Amri, F.[Fadli] Co Author Listing * Alternative Quality Control Technique for Mineral Chemistry Analysis of Portland Cement-Grade Limestone Using Shortwave Infrared Spectroscopy, An

Amri, K. Co Author Listing * Coral Reefs on Inhabited and Uninhabited Small Islands, Spermonde Archipelago, Indonesia

Amri, R.[Rim] Co Author Listing * Analysis of the Effects of Drought on Vegetation Cover in a Mediterranean Region through the Use of SPOT-VGT and TERRA-MODIS Long Time Series
* FAO-56 Dual Model Combined with Multi-Sensor Remote Sensing for Regional Evapotranspiration Estimations

Amri, S.[Slim] Co Author Listing * efficient image-mosaicing method based on multifeature matching, An

Amrizal, M.A.[Muhammad Alfian] Co Author Listing * Event-based Hierarchical Method for Customer Activity Recognition in Retail Stores, An

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