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Adjouadi, M.[Malek] Co Author Listing * Affective Assessment by Digital Processing of the Pupil Diameter
* Barcode Modulation Method for Data Transmission in Mobile Devices
* comparative study of multilinear principal component analysis for face recognition, A
* Comprehensive 3d Fiber Tracking As A New Visualization System In Brain Studies
* computational efficient iris extraction approach in unconstrained environments, A
* Deep convolutional neural network for mixed random impulse and Gaussian noise reduction in digital images
* Denoising of ultrasound images affected by combined speckle and Gaussian noise
* Design and Implementation of Wavelet-domain Video Compression Using Multiresolution Motion Estimation And Compensation
* highly accurate and computationally efficient approach for unconstrained iris segmentation, A
* Image-to-Images Translation for Multi-Task Organ Segmentation and Bone Suppression in Chest X-Ray Radiography
* Non-intrusive Physiological Monitoring for Automated Stress Detection in Human-Computer Interaction
* Real-time gesture detection for multi-touch devices
* Robust Edge Detection Approach in the Presence of High Impulse Noise Intensity Through Switching Adaptive Median and Fixed Weighted Mean Filtering, A
* robust segmentation approach to iris recognition based on video, A
* Similarity Measure for Stereo Feature Matching, A
* Stereo Matching Paradigm-Based on the Walsh Transformation, A
* Survey on mixed impulse and Gaussian denoising filters
Includes: Adjouadi, M.[Malek] Adjouadi, M.
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