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Abuhaiba, I.S.[Ibrahim S.] Co Author Listing * Efficient iris segmentation method in unconstrained environments

AbuHaiba, I.S.I. Co Author Listing * fuzzy graph theoretic approach to recognize the totally unconstrained handwritten numerals, A
* Processing of Off-Line Handwritten Text: Polygonal-Approximation and Enforcement of Temporal Information
* Recognition Of Handwritten Cursive Arabic Characters
* Recognition of Off-Line Cursive Handwriting
* Restoration of Temporal Information in Off-Line Arabic Handwriting
* Skeletonization of Arabic Characters Using Clustering Based Skeletonization Algorithm (CBSA)
Includes: AbuHaiba, I.S.I. Abuhaiba, I.S.I.

Abuhammad, H.[Huthaifa] Co Author Listing * Emotional Faces in the Wild: Feature Descriptors for Emotion Classification

Abuhassan, N.[Nader] Co Author Listing * Atmospheric Trace Gas (NO2 and O3) Variability in South Korean Coastal Waters, and Implications for Remote Sensing of Coastal Ocean Color Dynamics

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