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Aakur, S.[Sathyanarayanan] Co Author Listing * Action Localization Through Continual Predictive Learning
* Actor-Centered Representations for Action Localization in Streaming Videos
* Bayesian Tracking of Video Graphs Using Joint Kalman Smoothing and Registration

Aakur, S.N.[Sathyanarayanan N.] Co Author Listing * Fine-grained Action Detection in Untrimmed Surveillance Videos
* Going Deeper With Semantics: Video Activity Interpretation Using Semantic Contextualization
* ISD-QA: Iterative Distillation of Commonsense Knowledge from General Language Models for Unsupervised Question Answering
* Knowledge guided learning: Open world egocentric action recognition with zero supervision
* Perceptual Prediction Framework for Self Supervised Event Segmentation, A
* Towards a Knowledge-Based Approach for Generating Video Descriptions
* Towards Active Vision for Action Localization with Reactive Control and Predictive Learning
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