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9212 * 3D Object Recognition: Symmetry and Virtual Views
* Automatic Target Recognition using Passive Multisensor Suite
* Boundedness properties of simple, indirect adaptive-control systems
* Canonical Coordinates Method for Pattern Deformation: Theoretical and Computational Considerations, The
* Centroid target tracking system utilizing parallel processing of digital data patterns
* Computational Framework for Determining Stereo Correspondence from a Set of Linear Spatial Filters
* Confirmed boundary pattern matching III
* Depth Computations from Polyhedral Images
* Detection of Specularity Using Colour and Multiple Views
* Dynamic Stereo with Self-Calibration
* Edge Detection Algorithm Using Multi-State Adalines, An
* Effectiveness of Feature and Classifier Algorithms in Character Recognition Systems
* Encoded Moire Inspection Based on a Computer Solid Model
* Estimating Scene Properties by Analyzing Color Histograms with Physics-Based Models
* Estimation of Displacements from Two 3-D Frames Obtained from Stereo
* Estimation of Optimal Morphological TAU-opening Parameters Based on Independent Observation of Signal and Noise Pattern Spectra
* Gabor Filter-Based Edge Detection
* High speed digital error diffusion process for continuous tone image-to-binary image conversion
* Human Facial Feature Extraction for Face Interpretation and Recognition
* Image Blurring Effects Due to Depth Discontinuities: Blurring That Creates Emergent Image Details
* Image Clutter Characterization for Object Detection in High Clutter Images
* Integrating Primary Ocular Processes
* Interpretation of Motion Trajectories Using Focus of Expansion
* Machine-Assisted Human Classification of Segmented Characters for OCR Testing and Training
* Mathematical Nonlinear Image Processing
* Method and apparatus for non-affine image warping
* Method for detecting motion vector
* Methods and apparatus for defining contours in colored images
* Motion detecting circuit for video image
* Multiple Window Parameter Transform, The
* Optimal Generating Kernels for Image Pyramids by Piecewise Fitting
* Piecewise Linear Approximation of Plane Curves by Perimeter Optimization
* Recognition and Inspection of Two-Dimensional Industrial Parts Using Subpolygons
* Separability of Spatiotemporal Spectra of Image Sequences
* Serial and Parallel Algorithms for the Medial Axis Transform
* Special Issue: Image Restoration
* Steerable-Scalable Kernels for Edge Detection and Junction Analysis
* Structural Indexing: Efficient Two Dimensional Object Recognition
* Survey of Image Registration Techniques, A
* template polynomial approach for image processing and visual recognition, A
* Three-Dimensional Shape Construction and Recognition by Fusing Intensity and Structured Lighting
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