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9003 * Algorithm for Finding the Center of Circular Fiducials
* Analysis of High-Resolution Aerial Images
* Automatic Extraction of Deformable Part Models
* Clustering, coding, switching, hierarchical ordering, and control in a network of chaotic elements
* Computing Optical Flow Distributions Using Spatio-Temporal Filters
* Convolution on Mesh Connected Multicomputers
* Digital Squares
* Direct Estimation of Structure and Motion from Multiple Frames
* Discrete Black and White Object Recognition Via Morphological Functions
* Efficient Algorithms for Finding the K Best Paths through a Trellis
* Engineering Drawing Processing and Vectorization System
* Extraction of radar targets from clutter
* Image Algebra: An Overview
* Integrating Region Growing and Edge Detection
* Linear Shape from Shading
* Method and apparatus for obtaining an object image and distance data of a moving object
* Method for thresholding an image signal
* Method of detecting change using image
* Method of improving CT resolution
* NAVLAB System for Mobile Robot Navigation, The
* O(N) Computation of Projections and Moments from the Labeled Skeleton
* On Minimal Energy Trajectories
* On the Sensitivity of the Hough Transform for Object Recognition
* Pyramid Algorithm for Fast Curve Extraction, A
* Scale-Space for Discrete Signals
* Segmentation d'images de mots manuscrits
* Shape-based interpolation of multidimensional objects
* Stereo and Controlled Movement
* Stereo Correspondence by Surface Reconstruction
* Using Vanishing Points for Camera Calibration
* Variable Pyramid Structures for Image Segmentation
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