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8905 * Apparatus and methods for locating edges and document boundaries in video scan lines
* Associative Processor Array for Image Processing, An
* Binocular Depth Reversals Despite Familiarity Cues
* Building Surfaces of Evolution: The Weaving Wall
* Cinematic works with altered facial displays
* Coded aperture light detector for three dimensional camera
* Compact: A Surface Representation Scheme
* Constructing Simple Stable Descriptions for Image Partitioning
* Contrast Enhancement Technique Based on Local Detection Of Edges
* Detecting and Extracting Compact Textured Regions Using Pyramids
* Digital Elevation Model Production by Stereo-Matching Spot Image Pairs: A Comparison of Two Algorithms
* Fast and Flexible Thinning Algorithm, A
* Finite Topology as Applied to Image Analysis
* Frame-Based System for Modelling and Executing Visual Tasks, A
* General Aperture Problem for Direct Estimation of 3-D Motion Parameters, A
* Generalizing Epipolar-Plane Image Analysis on the Spatiotemporal Surface
* Inherent Ambiguities in Recovering 3-D Motion and Structure from a Noisy Flow Field
* Local Structure of Image Intensity Discontinuities, The
* Markov Random Field Approach to Data Fusion and Colour Segmentation, A
* Matching Oversegmented 3D Images to Models Using Association Graphs
* Maximum Likelihood Framework for Determining Moving Edges, A
* Method of smoothing image signals
* Motion and Structure from Orthographic Projections
* Motion and Structure from Two Perspective Views: Algorithms, Error Analysis, and Error Estimation
* Motion Field and Optical Flow: Qualitative Properties
* On the Content of Information in Edges and Optical Flow
* Optical Flow with an Intensity-Weighted Smoothing
* Overview of Computer Vision Research at SRI International: Themes and Progress, An
* Precision of 3-D Parameters in Correspondence-Based Techniques: The Case of Uniform Translational Motion in a Rigid Environment, The
* Reconstruction of Three-Dimensional Surfaces from Two-Dimensional Binary Images
* Region-Growing Algorithm for Matching of Terrain Images
* Segmentation of Edges into Lines and Arcs
* Shape from Textures: A Paradigm for Fusing Middle-Level Visual Cues
* Simplification to Linear Two-View Motion Algorithms, A
* Small angle image rotation using block transfers
* Stochastic Stereo Matching over Scale
* Three-dimensional image processing apparatus
* Use of Maximum-Likelihood Estimation for Forming Images of Diffuse Radar-Targets from Delay-Doppler Data, The
* Using Symmetry for Detecting and Locating Objects in a Picture
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