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8611 * Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better (No You Can't)
* Binocular Image Flows: Steps Toward Stereo-Motion Fusion
* Closed Form Solutions to Image Flow Equations for Planar Surfaces in Motion
* Comments on Takiyama's Analysis of the Multithreshold Threshold Element
* Computational Approach to Edge Detection, A
* Computer Vision Theory: The Lack Thereof
* Determination of the Identification, Position and Orientation of the Topmost Object in a Pile
* Determining Object Translation Information Using Stereoscopic Motion
* Fast Hough Transform: A Hierarchial Approach
* Fast K Nearest Neighbor Finding Algorithm Based on the Ordered Partition, A
* Hypothesis Integration in Image Understanding Systems
* Identification of 3D Objects from Multiple Silhouettes Using Quadtrees/Octrees
* Improved Digital Image Processing Techniques to Investigate Plastic Zone Formation in Steel
* Medical Image Processing: The Characterization of Display Changes Using Histogram Entropy
* Merging The Autoview Image Processing Language With Prolog
* Method for the Analysis of Ambiguous Segmentations of Images, A
* On Detecting Edges
* One-Eyed Stereo: A General Approach to Modeling 3-D Scene Geometry
* Position analyzer for vehicle drivers
* Recognition of Handwritten Characters: A Review
* Shape and Motion of Nonrigid Bodies
* Shape from Perspective: A Rule-Based Approach
* Task Frames: Primitives for Sensory-Motor Coordination
* Use of Texture Operators in Image Segmentation
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