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8607 * Automatic Target Recognition: State of the Art Survey
* Automatic TV ranging system
* Combinatorial Approach for Classification of Patterns with Missing Information and Random Orientation, A
* Conditional Allocation and Stopping Rules in Bayesian Pattern Recognition
* Consistent Operations on a Spatial Data Structure
* Constraints on Images of Rectangular Polyhedra, The
* Dynamic Programming Inference of Markov Networks from Finite Sets of Sample Strings
* Dynamic Stereo: Passive Ranging to Moving Objects from Relative Image Flows
* Edge Detectors Based on Nonlinear Filters
* Extracting Straight Lines
* Identity Independent Object Segmentation in 2 1/2D Sketch Data
* Image Flow Constraint Equation, The
* Linear Time Algorithm for Minimum Link Paths inside a Simple Polygon, A
* Local Linear Transforms for Texture Measurements
* Low-level Segmentation of Aerial Images Using Fuzzy Clustering
* Method and apparatus for vectorizing documents and symbol recognition
* Model-Based Method for Rotation Invariant Texture Classification, A
* Planar Point Location Using Persistent Search Trees
* Range and Shape Measurement Using Three-View Stereo Analysis
* Real-Time Range Measurement Device for Three-Dimensional Object Recognition
* Regularization of Inverse Visual Problems Involving Discontinuities
* Robust Estimation of 3-D Motion Parameters from a Sequence of Image Frames Using Regularization
* Segmentation of Textured Images Using Gibbs Random Fields
* Separating Point Sets by Circles, and the Recognition of Digital Disks
* Shape Smoothing Using Medial Axis Properties
* Significant Plane for Two-Class Discrimination Problems, A
* Some Extensions of the Converging Squares Algorithm for Image Feature Analysis
* Target discrimination utilizing median filters
* Theoretical Basis for Diffrequency Stereo, A
* Tomography apparatus and method
* Vectorizer and Feature Extractor for Document Recognition, A
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