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8509 * Autonomous Scene Description with Range Imagery
* Character recognition apparatus
* Codon Constraints on Closed 2D Shapes
* Data Structures for Quadtree Approximation and Compression
* Distributed Computing for Vision: Architecture and a Benchmark Test
* Edge Detection
* Entropy and Distance of Random Graphs with Application to Structural pattern Recognition
* Geometric Reconstruction of Buried Heat Sources from a Surface Thermogram
* Geometric-optical modeling of a conifer forest canopy
* Image thinning process
* Intelligible Encoding of ASL Image Sequences at Extremely Low Information Rates
* Learning Shape Descriptions: Generating and Generalizing Models of Visual Objects
* On Threshold Selection Using Clustering Criteria
* Probabilistic Solution of Inverse Problems
* Relaxation Matching Techniques: A Comparison
* Robot Vision
* Rule Based Interpretation of Aerial Imagery
* Stereoscopic color television system
* Toward a Theory of the Perceived Spatial Layout of Scenes
* Video bandwidth reduction system employing interframe block differencing and transform domain coding
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