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8508 * Automatic Recalibration of Moving Cameras in Stereo Vision Systems
* Classification of Textures Using Gaussian Markov Random Fields
* Computational Approach to Vision and Motor Control, The
* Connectionist Models and Parallelism in High Level Vision
* Early Vision: From Computational Structure to Algorithms and Parallel Hardware
* Environment-Centered and Viewer-Centered Perception of Surface Orientation
* Generative Systems Of Analyzers
* Image Database
* Machine Vision for Industry: Tasks, Tools, and Techniques
* Motion Compensated Image Coding with a Combined Maximum a Posteriori and Regression Algorithm
* Perception of Organization in a Random Stimulus
* Perception of Transparency in Man and Machine
* Preattentive Processing in Vision
* Predictive Coding Based on Efficient Motion Estimation
* Range Filters: Local-Intensity Subrange Filters and Their Properties
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