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8503 * Adaptive Noise Smoothing Filter for Images with Signal-Dependent Noise
* Analysis of Accretion and Deletion at Boundaries in Dynamic Scenes
* Automatic Visual Solder Joint Inspection
* Computer Recognition of Two Overlapping Parts Using a Single Camera
* Computing Geometric Properties of Images Represented by Linear Quadtrees
* Computing Visible Surface Representations
* Dynamic Measurement of Computer Generated Image Segmentations
* Geometric Algorithms for Digitized Pictures on a Mesh-Connected Computer
* Image Processing Applications for Geologic Mapping
* Method for automatic recognition of white blocks as well as text, graphics and/or gray image areas on a printed master
* Moment-Preserving Thresholding: A New Approach
* On the Straightness of Digital Arcs
* Parameter Reduction and Context Selection for Compression of Gray-Scale Images
* Segment Quadtree: A Linear Quadtree-Based Representation for Linear Features, The
* Stereo by Intra- and Inter-scanline Search Using Dynamic Programming
* Texture Synthsis and Compression Using Gaussian-Markov Random Field Models
* Three-Dimensional Object Recognition
* Three-Dimensional Shape Description Using the Symmetric Axis Transform
* Transformations Between Continuous and Discrete Representations of Images: A Perceptual Approach
* Visual Flow and Direction of Locomotion
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