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8408 * *Processing and Display of Three-Dimensional Data 84
* Accuracy of Laplacian Edge Detectors
* Adaptive thresholder
* Circularity: A New Principle Underlying the Design of Accurate Edge Orientation Operators
* Computations Underlying the Measurement of Visual Motion
* Dynamical Sets of Points
* Generating Quadtrees of Cross Sections from Octrees
* Handwritten Numeral Recognition by Tree Classification Methods
* Mechanical Manipulation of Randomly Oriented Parts, The
* Method for analyzing stored image details
* Model-Based Segmentation of Grey-Tone Images
* Progressive Transmission of News Photos
* Splines as Embeddings for Generalized Cylinders
* Stationing Guards in Rectilinear Art Galleries
* Structural Matching of Line Drawings Using the Geometric Relationship between Line Segments
* Surface Reconstruction Preserving Discontinuities
* Weighted Median Filter, The
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