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8210 * Algorithms for Smoothing Data with Periodic and Parametric Splines
* Asynchronous Thinning Algorithm, An
* Automatic Inspection for Printed Wiring
* Color Vision Cells Found in Visual Cortex
* Design and Architectural Implications of a Spatial Information System
* Edge Detection Using Charge Analogy
* Hierarchical Estimation of Spatial Properties from Motion
* Image restoration by the method of convex projections: Part 2
* Image Segmentation Using Simple Markov Field Models
* Maximum Likelihood Reconstruction for Emission Tomography
* Optical Character Reading System [First of two]
* PUMPS Architecture for Pattern Analysis and Image Database Management
* Segmentation Using Scene Models
* Some Properties of Stochastic Labeling Procedures
* Texture Classification Using Features Derived from Random Field Models
* Use of Characteristic Views as a Basis for Recognition of Three-Dimensional Objects, The
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