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8103 * Algorithm for Scale- and Rotation-Invariant Recognition of Two-Dimensional Objects, An
* CCD Implementation of a Three-Dimensional Video-Tracking Algorithm
* Collision avoidance using optical pattern growth rate
* Continuous Relaxation and Local Maxima Selection: Conditions for Equivalence
* Correlation Techniques and Devices
* Data Compression of Kanji Character Patterns Digitized in the Hexagonal Mesh
* Detection of Roads and Linear Structures in Low Resolution Aerial Images Using Multi-Source Knowledge Integration Techniques
* Device for focus detection or distance detection
* Distribution of Run Lengths over Scanned Rectangles
* Effect of Median Filtering on Edge Location Estimation, The
* Electronic rescreen technique for halftone pictures
* Empirical Evaluation of Generalized Cooccurrence Matrices, An
* From Local Maxima to Connected Skeletons
* Global Shape Analysis by k-Syntactic Similarity
* Hierarchical Representation of Three-Dimensional Objects Using Verbal Models
* Hough Transform from the Radon Transform
* Min-Max Medial Axis Transformation, A
* On the Performance of Chain Codes for Quantization of Line Drawings
* Organ Detection in Abdominal Computerized Tomography Scans: Application to the Kidney
* Pixel Labeling by Supervised Probabilistic Relaxation
* Radial and Angular Moment Invariants for Image Identification
* Relaxation: Application to the Matrix Reconstruction Problem
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