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7907 * Ambiguity Reduction in Handwriting with Ambiguous Segmentation and Uncertain Interpretation
* Approach to Region Splitting, An
* Chain-Link Coding and Segmentation for Raster Scan Devices
* Clustering Edge Values for Threshold Selection
* Decomposition of Three-Dimensional Objects into Spheres
* Geometric Constructions for Predicting Hough Transform Performance
* Golf ball trajectory presentation system
* Linear Transformation of Pictures Represented by Quad Trees
* Method for Deriving Compatibility Coefficients for Relaxation Operators, A
* Peak Detection Using Difference Operators
* Performance Comparison of Scene Matching Techniques
* Pre-processing and feature extraction system for character recognition
* Problem of Dimensionality: A Simple Example, A
* Random Walk Procedure for Texture Discrimination, A
* Region Extraction and Shape Analysis in Aerial Photographs
* Texture Analysis Using Generalized Co-Occurrence Matrices
* Tracking and/or guidance systems
* Use of a Syntactic Shape Analyzer for Contour Matching, The
* Use of Range and Reflectance Data to Find Planar Surface Regions
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