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7610 * Application of Texture Analysis to Materials Inspection, An
* Boundary and Object Detection in Real World Images
* Computation for Robots to Orient and Position Hand Held Workpieces, A
* Curvature and Creases: A Primer on Paper
* Feature Extraction of Three-Dimensional Objects and Visual Processing in a Hand-Eye System Using Laser Tracker
* Hierarchical Geometric Models for Visible Surface Algorithms
* On the Computational Cost of Approximating and Recognizing Noise-Perturbed Straight Lines and Quadratic Arcs in the Plane
* Optical Texture Analysis for Automatic Cytology and Histology: A Markovian Approach
* SMART: Similarity Measure Anchored Ranking Technique for the Analysis of Multidimensional Data Arrays
* Technique to Identify Nearest Neighbors, A
* Video-type universal motion and intrusion detection system
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