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0511 * Error Estimation, Classification Accuracy (H3)
* Acquisition of high-resolution images through on-line saccade sequence planning
* Adaptive parametric statistical background subtraction for video segmentation
* Algorithm competition
* Automatic pan-tilt-zoom calibration in the presence of hybrid sensor networks
* Bayesian background modeling for foreground detection
* Calibration of visual sensors and actuators in distributed computing platforms
* Classifying spatiotemporal object trajectories using unsupervised learning of basis function coefficients
* Computing hierarchical curve-skeletons of 3D objects
* Constructing task visibility intervals for a surveillance system
* Coopetitive visual surveillance using model predictive control
* Exemplar-based background model initialization
* image mosaicing module for wide-area surveillance, An
* integrated architecture for surveillance and monitoring in an archaeological site, An
* integrated multi-modal sensor network for video surveillance, An
* MAP Estimation via Agreement on (Hyper)Trees: Message-Passing and Linear-Programming Approaches
* Method and apparatus for image processing using sub-pixel differencing
* Method and system for detecting changes in three dimensional shape
* Method and system for fast image correction
* Method for downstream editing of compressed video
* Method for efficient low power motion estimation of a video frame sequence
* Method for extracting fingerprint feature data using ridge orientation model
* Method of correlation of images in biometric applications
* Method of detecting and measuring a moving object and apparatus therefor, and a recording medium for recording a program for detecting and measuring a moving object
* Methods for motion estimation with adaptive motion accuracy
* Moving imager camera for track and range capture
* multi-criteria model for robust foreground extraction, A
* Multimedia surveillance systems
* New Iris Recognition Method Using Independent Component Analysis, A
* Real-time surveillance video display with salience
* Recognizing human actions
* Reliable real-time foreground detection for video surveillance applications
* Robust Multi-Body Motion Segmentation Based on Fuzzy k-Subspace Clustering
* Robust Visual Servoing of Robot Manipulators with Neuro Compensation
* Surveillance camera scheduling: a virtual vision approach
* Timeline-based information assimilation in multimedia surveillance and monitoring systems
* Towards event detection in an audio-based sensor network
* video analysis framework for soft biometry security surveillance, A
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