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* Accurate camera calibration using iterative refinement of control points
* Accurate fusion of robot, camera and wireless sensors for surveillance applications
* Active background modeling: Actors on a stage
* Active Shape Model and linear predictors for face association refinement
* Automatic configuration of spectral dimensionality reduction methods for 3D human pose estimation
* Boosting Associated Pairing Comparison Features for pedestrian detection
* Cell-based object tracking method for 3D shape reconstruction using multi-viewpoint active cameras
* Combining low-level segmentation with relational classification
* Detection and tracking of objects with direct integration of perception and expectation
* Efficient tracking of many objects in structured environments
* Full body image feature representations for gender profiling
* Human segmentation by fusing visible-light and thermal imaginary
* Hunting Nessie: Real-time abnormality detection from webcams
* Modelling pedestrian trajectory patterns with Gaussian processes
* Multi-class multi-instance boosting for part-based human detection
* Multi-Object Tracking Via Species Based Particle Swarm Optimization
* Multitarget tracking with a corner-based particle filter
* Object detection by joint features based on two-stage boosting
* On-the-fly global activity prediction and anomaly detection
* particle swarm optimization approach for multi-objects tracking in crowded scene, A
* People detection and tracking using the Explorative Particle Filtering
* portable geo-aware visual surveillance system for vehicles, A
* Pyramidal Statistics of Oriented Filtering for robust pedestrian detection
* Scale invariant 3D multi-person tracking using a base set of bundle adjusted visual landmarks
* Simple and efficient saliency detector for background subtraction, A
* simplified error model for height estimation using a single camera, A
* Simultaneous video synchronization and rare event detection via Cross-Entropy Monte Carlo optimization
* Spatio-temporal nonparametric background modeling and subtraction
* Topic models for scene analysis and abnormality detection
* Tracker trees for unusual event detection
* Using location and motion statistics for the localization of moving objects in multiple camera surveillance videos
* What are they doing?: Collective activity classification using spatio-temporal relationship among people
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