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VirtualColon10 * *Virtual Colonoscopy and Abdominal Imaging. Computational Challenges and Clinical Opportunities
* Bayesian Approach for False Positive Reduction in CTC CAD, A
* Characterizing Colonic Detections in CT Colonography Using Curvature-Based Feature Descriptor and Bag-of-Words Model
* Colon Visualization Using Shape Preserving Flattening
* Colorectal Polyp Segmentation Based on Geodesic Active Contours with a Shape-Prior Model
* Computer-Aided Detection of Small Bowel Strictures for Emergency Radiology in CT Enterography
* Computer-Assisted Diagnosis for Quantitative Image-Based Analysis of Crohn's Disease in CT Enterography
* Conformal Geometry Based Supine and Prone Colon Registration
* Detecting Bladder Abnormalities Based on Inter-layer Intensity Curve for Virtual Cystoscopy
* Detection of the Invasion of Bladder Tumor into Adjacent Wall Based on Textural Features Extracted from MRI Images
* Electronic Cleansing in CT Colonography: Past, Present, and Future
* Estimation of Necrosis Volumes in Focal Liver Lesions Based on Multi-phase Hepatic CT Images
* Extraction of Landmarks and Features from Virtual Colon Models
* False-Positive Reduction in Computer-Aided Detection of Polyps in CT Colonography: A Massive-Training Support Vector Regression Approach
* Haustral Fold Segmentation of CT Colonography Using Ridge Line Detection
* Improved Curvature Estimation for Shape Analysis in Computer-Aided Detection of Colonic Polyps
* Learning to Detect 3D Rectal Tubes in CT Colonography Using a Global Shape Model
* Recent Advances in Reduction of False Positives in Computerized Detection of Polyps in CT Colonography
* Synchronized Display of Virtual Colonoscopic Views in Supine and Prone CT Images
* Teniae Coli Extraction in Human Colon for Computed Tomographic Colonography Images
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