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VECTaR10 * *Workshop on Video Event Categorization, Tagging and Retrieval
* Analyzing Diving: A Dataset for Judging Action Quality
* Appearance-Based Smile Intensity Estimation by Cascaded Support Vector Machines
* Detecting Frequent Patterns in Video Using Partly Locality Sensitive Hashing
* Foot Contact Detection for Sprint Training
* Interpreting Dynamic Meanings by Integrating Gesture and Posture Recognition System
* Learning from Mistakes: Object Movement Classification by the Boosted Features
* Modeling Multi-Object Activities in Phase Space
* Sparse Motion Segmentation Using Multiple Six-Point Consistencies
* Systematic Evaluation of Spatio-Temporal Features on Comparative Video Challenges
* Two-Probabilistic Latent Semantic Model for Image Annotation and Retrieval
* Using Conditional Random Field for Crowd Behavior Analysis
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VECTaR11 * *Workshop on Video Event Categorization, Tagging and Retrieval
* Combining sparse and dense descriptors with temporal semantic structures for robust human action recognition
* Correcting cuboid corruption for action recognition in complex environment
* Detection of activities and events without explicit categorization
* Event-driven feature analysis in a 4D spatiotemporal representation for ambient assisted living
* Fine-grained categorization of fish motion patterns in underwater videos
* generative framework to investigate the underlying patterns in human activities, A
* Human Focused Video Description
* hybrid framework for event detection using multi-modal features, A
* Incorporating temporal context in Bag-of-Words models
* Individuals, groups, and crowds: Modelling complex, multi-object behaviour in phase space
* Inferring social roles in long timespan video sequence
* Recognizing manipulation actions in arts and crafts shows using domain-specific visual and textual cues
* Structure Context of Local Features in Realistic Human Action Recognition
* Transductive transfer learning for action recognition in tennis games
* Video event detection based on over-segmented STV regions
* YouTubeEvent: On large-scale video event classification
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VECTaR12 * *Workshop on Video Event Categorization, Tagging and Retrieval
* Action Recognition Robust to Background Clutter by Using Stereo Vision
* Atomic Action Features: A New Feature for Action Recognition
* Automated Textual Descriptions for a Wide Range of Video Events with 48 Human Actions
* Chinese Shadow Puppetry with an Interactive Interface Using the Kinect Sensor
* Group Dynamics and Multimodal Interaction Modeling Using a Smart Digital Signage
* Recognizing Actions across Cameras by Exploring the Correlated Subspace
* Spatio-temporal SIFT and Its Application to Human Action Classification
* Statistics of Pairwise Co-occurring Local Spatio-temporal Features for Human Action Recognition
* Visual Code-Sentences: A New Video Representation Based on Image Descriptor Sequences
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VECTaR13 * *Workshop on Video Event Categorization, Tagging and Retrieval
* Dynamic Scene Classification Using Spatial and Temporal Cues
* NSH: Normality Sensitive Hashing for Anomaly Detection
* Semantic Video-to-Video Search Using Sub-graph Grouping and Matching
* Spatio-temporal Context Modeling for BoW-Based Video Classification
* VGRAPH: An Effective Approach for Generating Static Video Summaries

VECTaR14 * *Workshop on Video Event Categorization, Tagging and Retrieval
* Activity Recognition in Still Images with Transductive Non-negative Matrix Factorization
* Camera Calibration and Shape Recovery from Videos of Two Mirrors
* Efficient Online Spatio-Temporal Filtering for Video Event Detection
* Grading Tai Chi Performance in Competition with RGBD Sensors
* Human Action Recognition by Random Features and Hand-Crafted Features: A Comparative Study
* Learning Spatio-Temporal Features for Action Recognition with Modified Hidden Conditional Random Field
* Mode-Driven Volume Analysis Based on Correlation of Time Series
* Modeling Supporting Regions for Close Human Interaction Recognition
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