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TradiCV21 * *Traditional Computer Vision in the Age of Deep Learning
* Absolute and Relative Pose Estimation in Refractive Multi View
* Adapting Deep Neural Networks for Pedestrian-Detection to Low-Light Conditions without Re-training
* Building 3D Morphable Models from a Single Scan
* CAFT: Class Aware Frequency Transform for Reducing Domain Gap
* closed form solution for viewing graph construction in uncalibrated vision, A
* DC-VINS: Dynamic Camera Visual Inertial Navigation System with Online Calibration
* Effect of Parameter Optimization on Classical and Learning-based Image Matching Methods
* Finite Aperture Stereo: 3D Reconstruction of Macro-Scale Scenes
* Object Detection in Cluttered Environments with Sparse Keypoint Selection
* Robust End-to-end Method for Parametric Curve Tracing via Soft Cosine-similarity-based Objective Function, A
* Robust Face Frontalization For Visual Speech Recognition*
* Technical Survey and Evaluation of Traditional Point Cloud Clustering Methods for LiDAR Panoptic Segmentation, A
* Towards realistic symmetry-based completion of previously unseen point clouds
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