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Subspace09 * *Subspace Methods
* 3D-MAM: 3D morphable appearance model for efficient fine head pose estimation from still images
* Curve fitting by Spherical Least Squares on two-dimensional sphere
* general framework for Approximate Nearest Subspace search, A
* Head pose estimation using multilinear subspace analysis for robot human awareness
* Identity and Variation Spaces: Revisiting the Fisher Linear Discriminant
* Investigating the spatial support of signal and noise in face recognition
* Large margin classifiers based on convex class models
* Learning good features for Active Shape Models
* Learning invariances with Stationary Subspace Analysis
* Mahalanobis distance Minimization Mapping: M3
* Median K-Flats for hybrid linear modeling with many outliers
* Multilinear Isometric Embedding for visual pattern analysis
* Multiple pattern classification by sparse subspace decomposition
* Non-linear generative embeddings for kernels on latent variable models
* Nonnegative Matrix Factorization with Gibbs Random Field modeling
* Optimal feature selection for subspace image matching
* Optimization on the manifold of multiple homographies
* Robust faces manifold modeling: Most expressive vs. most Sparse criterion
* Spectral face clustering
* Stepwise Correlation metric based Discriminant Analysis and multi-probe images fusion for face recognition
* strategy of classification via sparse dictionary learned by non-negative K-SVD, A
* Subset kernel PCA for pattern recognition
* Synthesis of multiple pose facial images using tensor-based subspace learning method
* Visual category recognition using Spectral Regression and Kernel Discriminant Analysis
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Subspace10 * *Subspace Methods
* Background Modeling via Incremental Maximum Margin Criterion
* Brief History of the Subspace Methods, A
* Centered Subset Kernel PCA for Denoising
* Compound Mutual Subspace Method for 3D Object Recognition: A Theoretical Extension of Mutual Subspace Method
* Dynamic Subspace Update with Incremental Nyström Approximation
* Extracting Scene-Dependent Discriminant Features for Enhancing Face Recognition under Severe Conditions
* Fast and Robust Face Recognition for Incremental Data
* High Dimensional Correspondences from Low Dimensional Manifolds: An Empirical Comparison of Graph-Based Dimensionality Reduction Algorithms
* Multi-label Classification for Image Annotation via Sparse Similarity Voting
* On the Behavior of Kernel Mutual Subspace Method
* Trace Norm Regularization and Application to Tensor Based Feature Extraction
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