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RoLoD14 * *RoLoD: Robust Local Descriptors for Computer Vision
* Efficient Detection for Spatially Local Coding
* Efficient Face Recognition Scheme Using Local Zernike Moments (LZM) Patterns, An
* Evaluation of Descriptors and Distance Measures on Benchmarks and First-Person-View Videos for Face Identification
* Extended Keypoint Description and the Corresponding Improvements in Image Retrieval
* Face Detection Based on Multi-block Quad Binary Pattern
* Hierarchical Local Binary Pattern for Branch Retinal Vein Occlusion Recognition
* Incorporating Two First Order Moments into LBP-Based Operator for Texture Categorization
* Local Associated Features for Pedestrian Detection
* Local Feature Based Multiple Object Instance Identification Using Scale and Rotation Invariant Implicit Shape Model
* Local-to-Global Signature Descriptor for 3D Object Recognition
* Log-Gabor Weber Descriptor for Face Recognition
* ORB in 5 ms: An Efficient SIMD Friendly Implementation
* Performance Evaluation of Local Descriptors for Affine Invariant Region Detector
* Reliable Point Correspondences in Scenes Dominated by Highly Reflective and Largely Homogeneous Surfaces
* Robust Line Matching Based on Ray-Point-Ray Structure Descriptor
* Unsupervised Footwear Impression Analysis and Retrieval from Crime Scene Data
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