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RA(9) * Automated Tracking and Grasping of a Moving Object with a Robotic Hand-Eye System
* Dynamic Calibration and Compensation of a 3-D Laser Radar Scanning System
* MARVEL: A System That Recognizes World Locations with Stereo Vision
* On Single-Scanline Camera Calibration
* Performance Evaluation of a Class of M-Estimators for Surface Parameter Estimation in Noisy Range Data
* Range-Image-Based Calculation of Three-Dimensional Convex Object Moments
* Real-Time Vision-Based Robot Localization
* SCARF: A Color Vision System That Tracks Roads and Intersections
* Segmentation of Range Images: An Orthogonal Moment-Based Integrated Approach
* Significant Line Segments for an Indoor Mobile Robot
* Steering a Robot with Vanishing Points
* Three-Dimensional Reconstruction by Zooming
* Toward Automatic Robot Instruction from Perception-Recognizing a Grasp from Observation
* Viewpoint Independent Representation and Recognition of Polygonal Faces in 3-D
* Visual Tracking of a Moving Target by a Camera Mounted on a Robot: A Combination of Control and Vision
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