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NTIAP19 * *New Trends in mage Analysis and Processing
* 6D Pose Estimation for Industrial Applications
* Advanced Moving Camera Object Detection
* Analysis of User-Specific Effect and Impact of Operator Skills on Fingerprint PAD Systems
* Augmented Reality for the Valorization and Communication of Ruined Architecture
* Blind Print-Cam Data Hiding Exploiting Color Perception
* Boosting Object Recognition in Point Clouds by Saliency Detection
* Classification of Arabic Poems: from the 5th to the 15th Century
* Cockpit of Measures for Image Quality Assessment in Digital Film Restoration, A
* Collecting Retail Data Using a Deep Learning Identification Experience
* Comparative Analysis of Two Commercial Digital Photogrammetry Software for Cultural Heritage Applications, A
* Database for Face Presentation Attack Using Wax Figure Faces, A
* EEG-Based Biometric Verification Using Siamese CNNs
* Enriching Character-Based Neural Machine Translation with Modern Documents for Achieving an Orthography Consistency in Historical Documents
* Epistle to Cangrande Through the Lens of Computational Authorship Verification, The
* Fusion of Visual and Anamnestic Data for the Classification of Skin Lesions with Deep Learning
* Grain Segmentation in Atomic Force Microscopy for Thin-Film Deposition Quality Control
* Hand Gesture Recognition for Collaborative Workstations: A Smart Command System Prototype
* Improving Ancient Cham Glyph Recognition from Cham Inscription Images Using Data Augmentation and Transfer Learning
* Improving Multi-scale Face Recognition Using VGGFace2
* In-Line Burr Inspection Through Backlight Vision
* Intelligent Recognition of TCP Intrusions for Embedded Micro-controllers
* IOT Edge-Fog-Cloud Architecture for Vision Based Pallet Integrity, An
* Large Scale Trajectory Dataset for Shopper Behaviour Understanding, A
* Learning Approach for Informative-Frame Selection in US Rheumatology Images, A
* Minimizing Training Data for Reliable Writer Identification in Medieval Manuscripts
* Modern vs Diplomatic Transcripts for Historical Handwritten Text Recognition
* Nerve Contour Tracking for Ultrasound-Guided Regional Anesthesia
* On the Cross-Finger Similarity of Vein Patterns
* Oracle Bone Inscription Detector Based on SSD
* Page-Based Reject Option for Writer Identification in Medieval Books, A
* Segmentation Guided Scoring of Pathological Lesions in Swine Through CNNs
* Segmentation of Multi-temporal UV-Induced Fluorescence Images of Historical Violins
* Semantic 3D Object Maps for Everyday Robotic Retail Inspection
* Serious Game to Support Decision Making in Medical Education, A
* Shot Boundary Detection for Automatic Video Analysis of Historical Films
* Skin Lesions Classification: A Radiomics Approach with Deep CNN
* Slide Screening of Metastases in Lymph Nodes via Conditional, Fully Convolutional Segmentation
* Study of English Neologisms Through Large-Scale Probabilistic Indexing of Bentham's Manuscripts, A
* Vending Shopper Science Lab: Deep Learning for Consumer Research, The
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