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Maritime23 * *Maritime Computer Vision
* 1st Workshop on Maritime Computer Vision (MaCVi) 2023: Challenge Results
* Combining Photogrammetric Computer Vision and Semantic Segmentation for Fine-grained Understanding of Coral Reef Growth under Climate Change
* DepthCue: Restoration of Underwater Images Using Monocular Depth as a Clue
* Efficient Approach for Underwater Image Improvement: Deblurring, Dehazing, and Color Correction, An
* Improving the Detection of Small Oriented Objects in Aerial Images
* Novel Framework to Evaluate and Train Object Detection Models for Real-Time Victims Search and Rescue at Sea with Autonomous Unmanned Aerial Systems Using High-Fidelity Dynamic Marine Simulation Environment, A
* Sea ice classification with dual-polarized SAR imagery: a hierarchical pipeline
* SeaDroneSim: Simulation of Aerial Images for Detection of Objects Above Water
* Sonar Image Composition for Semantic Segmentation Using Machine Learning
* Survey on the Deployability of Semantic Segmentation Networks for Fluvial Navigation, A
* YOLOv7-sea: Object Detection of Maritime UAV Images based on Improved pYOLOv7
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