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LCV04 * *IEEE Workshop on Learning in Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition
* AdaTree: Boosting a Weak Classifier into a Decision Tree
* Efficient Regularized Least Squares Classification
* Forestry Scene Geometry Estimation Via Statistical Learning
* Generalized Temporal Context Model for Semantic Scene Classification, A
* Integrating Algebraic Functions of Views with Indexing and Learning for 3D Object Recognition
* Kernel Optimal Component Analysis
* Learning a Synchronous MAP for Improved Face Recognition
* Learning Chance Probability Functions for Shape Retrieval or Classification
* Learning From a Small Number of Training Examples by Exploiting Object Categories
* Learning to Detect Scene Text Using a Higher-Order MRF with Belief Propagation
* Learning with the Optimized Data-Dependent Kernel
* On Labeling Noise and Outliers for Robust Concept Learning for Image Databases
* On-line Learning of Motion Patterns using an Expert Learning Framework
* Optimal Subclass Discovery for Discriminant Analysis
* Physics-Based Cooperative Sensor Fusion for Moving Object Detection
* Precise Image Segmentation by Iterative EM-Based Approximation of Empirical Grey Level Distributions with Linear Combinations of Gaussians
* Slightly Supervised Learning of Part-Based Appearance Models
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LCV05 * *IEEE Workshop on Learning in Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition
* Articulated Pose Estimation in a Learned Smooth Space of Feasible Solutions
* Boosting Nearest Neighbor Classifiers for Multiclass Recognition
* Combining Local and Global Image Features for Object Class Recognition
* Discriminant Analysis: A Least Squares Approximation View
* Fast Selection of Linear Features in Image Data
* Local Region-based Approach to Gender Classification From Face Images, A
* MML-Based Approach for High-Dimensional Unsupervised Learning Using the Generalized Dirichlet Mixture
* Semi-Supervised Face Detection
* Statistical Learning of Visual Feature Hierarchies
* Task-Driven Learning of Spatial Combinations of Visual Features
* Topological Mapping from Image Sequences
* Unsupervised Segmentation of Multi-Modal Images by a Precise Approximation of Individual Modes with Linear Combinations of Discrete Gaussians
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