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HTCV21 * *Human-Centric Trustworthy Computer Vision: From Research to Applications
* Attention Aware Debiasing for Unbiased Model Prediction
* End-to-end Model-based Gait Recognition using Synchronized Multi-view Pose Constraint
* FedAffect: Few-shot federated learning for facial expression recognition
* Formula-driven Supervised Learning with Recursive Tiling Patterns
* Multi-Perspective Features Learning for Face Anti-Spoofing
* On the Importance of Encrypting Deep Features
* Rethinking Common Assumptions to Mitigate Racial Bias in Face Recognition Datasets
* Sparse Feature Representation Learning for Deep Face Gender Transfer
* Student-Teacher Oneness: A Storage-efficient approach that improves facial expression recognition
* SVEA: A Small-scale Benchmark for Validating the Usability of Post-hoc Explainable AI Solutions in Image and Signal Recognition
* Transformer Meets Part Model: Adaptive Part Division for Person Re-Identification
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