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Gesture11 * *Workshop on Gesture Recognition
* Advances in phonetics-based sub-unit modeling for transcription alignment and sign language recognition
* Deciphering the face
* Designing frameworks for automatic affect prediction and classification in dimensional space
* Segmentation-robust representations, matching, and modeling for sign language

Gesture12 * *Workshop on Gesture Recognition
* ChaLearn gesture challenge: Design and first results
* Enhanced continuous sign language recognition using PCA and neural network features
* Exploring human visual system: Study to aid the development of automatic facial expression recognition framework
* Gaze estimation from multimodal Kinect data
* least squares regression framework on manifolds and its application to gesture recognition, A
* Magic Mirror: A virtual handbag shopping system
* One shot learning gesture recognition from RGBD images
* Randomized decision forests for static and dynamic hand shape classification
* Real-time gesture recognition using bio inspired 3D vision sensor
* temporal Bayesian model for classifying, detecting and localizing activities in video sequences, A
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