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FSLCV14 * *Feature and Similarity Learning for Computer Vision
* 3D Laplacian Pyramid Signature
* Automatic Lung Tumor Detection Based on GLCM Features
* Blur-Robust Face Recognition via Transformation Learning
* Commonality Preserving Multiple Instance Clustering Based on Diverse Density
* Curve Matching from the View of Manifold for Sign Language Recognition
* Discovering Multi-relational Latent Attributes by Visual Similarity Networks
* Evaluation of Smile Detection Methods with Images in Real-World Scenarios
* Everything is in the Face? Represent Faces with Object Bank
* Extended Supervised Descent Method for Robust Face Alignment
* Feature Learning for the Image Retrieval Task
* Flexible Semi-supervised Feature Extraction Method for Image Classification, A
* Hand Gesture Recognition Based on the Parallel Edge Finger Feature and Angular Projection
* Image Based Visibility Estimation During Day and Night
* Image Retrieval by Using Non-subsampled Shearlet Transform and Krawtchouk Moment Invariants
* Inter-Concept Distance Measurement with Adaptively Weighted Multiple Visual Features
* Learning Discriminative Hidden Structural Parts for Visual Tracking
* Learning Partially Shared Dictionaries for Domain Adaptation
* Local Similarity Based Linear Discriminant Analysis for Face Recognition with Single Sample per Person
* Metric Tensor and Christoffel Symbols Based 3D Object Categorization
* Person Re-identification Using Clustering Ensemble Prototypes
* Quasi Cosine Similarity Metric Learning
* Simple Stochastic Algorithm for Structural Features Learning, A
* Spectral Shape Decomposition by Using a Constrained NMF Algorithm
* Symmetric Feature Extraction for Pose Neutralization
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